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Custom Made Corsets

All of our corsets are custom made to order and can be designed, modified or altered in any way desired. We offer both historically accurate and period inspired underpinnings. If you'd like to order a different style than pictured here just let us know. 

New underpinning styles coming soon!

We are in the process of expanding our selection of historically accurate underpinnings. Please be patient with us through this growth, which we anticipate will be completed by Summer 2009.

Corset Mock Up

A corset mock up is included in the pricing of all our corsets and is required. Because we cannot provide personal fittings for the majority of our clients the mock up is necessary to ensure the finished corset will fit perfectly. The mock up is made out of a single layer of cotton drill and is constructed similar to a finished corset including corset bones and lacing up the center back. Mock ups do not have busks. We also require clients supply us with several photos of themselves in the mock up before the mock up is sent back to us.* Once we have received and reviewed photos with the client we will ask the client to return the mock-up to us so that we may begin work on the corset.

*All photos are confidential and are only used for us to see the fit of the mock up. Any clients who wish to remain anonymous may crop their faces out of the photos - the torso is the only portion of the body that is necessary for us to see.

Photo Coming Soon!
Elizabeth c.1560-1600

The Elizabeth is our Renaissance period corset which unlike Victorian corsets does not cinch in the waist but rather molds the body into a cylindrical shape while flattening and lifting the bust. Boning extends through side and back tabs to keep the corset from "digging in" at the waist.

18th Century Corset c.1770-1780
Marie c.1770-1780

The Marie is shaped and boned to create a conical shape while lifting the bust as fashionable during the later part of the 18th century. Corset has attached shoulder straps which have adjustable ribbon ties on the front. Boning extends through bottom tabs to allow for a comfortable smooth fit.

Photo Coming Soon!
Jane c.1820-1830

The Jane is a Regency period (early Victorian) corset which features a removable stiff wooden busk that is inserted in the center front to separate and lift the bust. The Jane also has attached shoulder straps which have adjustable ribbon ties on the front.

Civil War Corset c.1860-1865
Charlotte c.1860-1865

The Charlotte features a shorter waist style, popular during the Civil War period. Corset does not cover the hips or the lower abdomen and works well for period sports activities and horseback riding. Front busk closure.

Victorian Corset c.1870-1880
Ivy c.1870-1880

Similar to the Charlotte, the Ivy is a classic Victorian corset with a longer waist line that extends to the tops of the hips and longer in the center front. Straight or sweetheart neckline available. Front busk closure.

Victorian Corset c.1870-1890
Violet c.1870's-1890's

The Violet is a beautiful Victorian period corset with bust and hip gores, ideal for creating a tiny waistline. Front busk closure.

Victorian Corset c. 1880-1890
Rose c.1880's-1890's

A reproduction of corsets popular during the later Victorian period, the Rose creates a stunning hourglass figure and extends down over the tops of the hips. The bust gussets are a lovely feminine touch and are especially helpful for well endowed women. Front busk closure. Corset neckline is available in a variety of styles: rounded, flat, sweetheart, plunging.

Underbust Edwardian Corset c.1900-1905
Julia c.1900-1905

The Julia is a stunning Edwardian underbust corset that begins just under the bust and rises to a point between the chest. This style corset is perfect for everyday wear as it can easily an unnoticeable be worn under clothing. Front busk closure.

Edwardian ribbon corset c.1901
Additional Photos Coming Soon!
Clara c.1901

The Clara is a elegant Edwardian ribbon corset that is constructed of alternating pieces of fabric and ribbon. Similar in shape to the Julia, the Clara begins just under the bust and rises to a point between the chest. Front busk closure.

Edwardian S Curve Corset c.1900-1910
Additional Photos Coming Soon!
Laura c.1900-1910

The Laura is a lovely Edwardian period corset which features curved hip panels to help create the "S" curve. The cut of this corset emphasizes a tiny waist by pushing the chest forward and the hips back. Front busk closure.

Edwardian Straight Front Corset c.1905-1910
Lilly c.1905-1910

The Lilly is a strait front "S" shaped corset from the Edwardian period. The corset is cut longer and extends down over the hips. Front busk closure.

Teens Corset c.1910-1918
Emily c.1910-1918

The Emily is a reproduction of the corset styles popular during 1910-WWI and falls under the bust. Corset creates long sleek lines and extends well over the hips and tops of thighs. The Emily has a front busk closure and includes 4 garters (2 per side).

Included in Corset Pricing:
  • Custom made to client's measurements
  • 100% cotton coutil base - white, natural or black. Two weights of coutil available, either a medium stiffness or very stiff coutil
  • Corset mock up
  • Reinforced grommet strip
  • Spring steel boning - 1/4"
  • Bias bound edges
  • Cotton Waist Tape
  • Drawstring corset bag
  • Back laces - 1 set, choice between satin ribbon and cotton lacing
  • Front busk (some styles)
  • Garters (some styles)
Additional Corset Fabric Options:
  • 100% cotton coutil base - any color (custom dye jobs available) - pricing varies
  • Fancy coutil patterns available - coutil brocades, satin coutil, dot or "spot broche" coutil - $50-65 additional
  • Cotton sateen, 100% cotton, available in wide range of colors, fabric has a light sheen - $25 additional
  • Duchesse Satin, 35% silk/65% rayon - $55 additional
  • Silk Dupioni, 100% silk - $30 additional
  • Silk Taffeta, 100% silk - $45 additional
  • Silk Charmeuse, 100% silk - $40 additional
  • Silk Brocade - pricing varies
  • Lace overlay - pricing varies
  • Moire, content varies - pricing varies

Other fabrics are available - please contact us for additional options


  • Lace trim along the top and/or bottom of corset, cotton lace, ribbon, chantilly, etc. - $10+ additional
  • Spoon busk or wide steel busk - $30 additional
  • Back modesty panel (with or without boning) - $10-$15 additional
  • Front busk placket (with or without boning) - $10-$15 additional
  • Removable garters - $10 per pair
  • Fabric covered garters - $15 per pair
  • Fabric covered garters with bow - $20 per pair
  • Flossing at the top and bottom of individual bones - $50+ additional
  • Silk lining instead of standard cotton lining - $20 additional
  • Additional corset laces - $6 additional per set
  • Cording detailing - pricing varies
  • Embroidery detailing - pricing varies depending on amount and complexity of design

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Our 2009 schedule is filling up very quickly. Be sure to place your order ASAP to ensure a place in our schedule. In addition to standard orders we almost always have a limited number or rush orders available - even when we're fully booked. For more information please contact us.
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