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Edwardian Attire

All of our Edwardian dreses, suits & gowns are custom made to order and can be designed, modified or altered in any way desired.

Brief Overview of Edwardian Fashions

The Edwardian period was so named for King Edward of England who succeeded Queen Victoria in 1901. This era (1895-1914) was also known as La Belle Èpoque by the French. Women's clothing featured a gored skirt that fitted smoothly over the hips and widened at the hemline. Day ensembles often had a matching jacket worn over a blouse. Blouses became highly embellished and ornate during this period, utilizing embroidery, applique, lace, pin tucks, pleats and trims for effect. The Gibson Girl, with her full bosom and ample curves, is often though of as the image that characterize women's fashions during this period. Corsets were also a vital part of achieving the Edwardian silhouette. The s-bend or "health corset" was laced tightly at the waist to force the hips back and thrust the chest forward creating an S shape. During this period it was still common to make dresses in two pieces. Bodices were heavily boned, with high necklines popular during the day contrasting with low décolleté necklines worn in the evening. By 1906 the silhouette straightened some and skirts lost their fullness. Later, influenced by designer Paul Poiret the silhouette continued to straighten, and the waistline was raised to an empire line.

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Black Silk Edwardian Suit Cream Embroidered Silk Dressing GownTaupe Wool Edwardian Suit Blue Silk Edwardian Evening Gown

Our 2009 schedule is filling up very quickly. Be sure to place your order ASAP to ensure a place in our schedule. In addition to standard orders we almost always have a limited number or rush orders available - even when we're fully booked. For more information please contact us.
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